May 26, 2012


With Disney’s opening of the Club 33 wait list, I thought it would be appropriate to bring up this gem of an addition to the new California Adventure park. For those of you who don’t know, Club 33 will grant admittance to 100 people from the wait list in honor of the club’s 45th anniversary. Being a member of Club 33 comes with benefits such as annual passes, sneak peeks at new attractions and park additions, and entry into the Club 33 headquarters in Disneyland. However, it comes with a new benefit this year: Entry to 1901.

Named after Walt’s birth year, 1901 is the latest addition to the list of Club 33 benefits. 1901 is an incredible space on the first floor of the Carthay Circle Theater, the icon of the new California Adventure. The club has been modeled after the Los Angeles that Walt came to when he first visited, and will be a place for people to hang out and immerse themselves in 1930s Los Angeles. Although it will only serve drinks and appetizers, it’s guaranteed that this space will “wow” classic Disney fans. In the photos above you can see walls lined with Nine Old Men memorabilia. 

The new California Adventure is opening in nearly five weeks! Can’t wait to see more of these new additions.

What?! I have to go.

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    What?! I have to go.
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    i want to be a club 33 member SO badly.
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    it’s shit like this that makes me glad I waited so long to go back :’(
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    khw;ahglhagleoghoewahgoe;hwohgaohe;oghia;hwhegohalsheghelhge it’s actually my life’s dream to be a member of club 33. on...
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